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Positive Thinking Secrets


The human body as we know it, is a marvel of machinery. When you look at charts of water percentages, you will see that the average baby has around 70% water, the average adult, somewhere between 50-60%. The percentages vary, depending on how much fat is in the body and the fact-that as we age, we tend to drink less water to replace what we lose daily.

People frequently discuss hydration due many factors like, new sports being invented, advertising for the purchase of water replacement products and all-round better knowledge. You rarely hear folks talking about the natural chemicals in our bodies and these are so important.

Those chemicals are plentiful, and they are released into the body for specific purposes. Our internal engineering is a marvel.

Positive thinking triggers a release of serotonin. This is often referred to as the “happy chemical.” When you avoid negative thinking and focus on the positive in life, you are responsible for the creating the happiness you feel.

Most people do not fully understand that they, and they alone are responsible for how they feel. There is no outside factor, including people that is responsible for what goes on in your brain, and how you react to situations.

There are a number of chemicals which affect the positive outlook you have on life. Yet, we tend to lean more towards negative thinking, which in turns causes different levels of depression. The more negative, the greater the depression. Once a small amount of depression becomes part of your life, you release an enzyme called monoamine oxidase A.

This enzyme starts breaking down the happy chemicals in your brain. It becomes more and more difficult to maintain a positive way of thinking.

But here’s the GOOD news!…

You can control what natural chemicals are released into your body by using your thought process and your physiology.

In this eBook, we are going to discuss the tools and strategies you need, in order to be a daily positive thinker. You will also learn how to build a positive mindset, re-program your mind for success and destroy negative limiting beliefs!


The ‘Think Positive’ Mindset. Why is a Positive Attitude Considered the Key to Success?

There are a number of sayings about positive attitudes and one of the most recognized is, “winners never quit and quitters never win.” When you have a positive mindset, much success will come to you.

Mel Fisher is an example of this. He searched for a Spanish treasure ship for 16 years. Tragedy struck when he lost his son and daughter-in-law, along with a crew member, when the boat they were on sank.

Yet Mel did not give up. It’s been stated that he remained positive and always upon starting his day, would repeat, “Today is the day.” He firmly believed he would find the treasure ship and he did.

While it took him 16 years, it is likely that Mel learned something new every day in regard to treasure hunting.

This can be the same for anyone, as positive thinking improves your learning skills and keeps you highly motivated to succeed. If Mel had allowed negativity to come into his mind, he would have stayed close to shore, earning his living teaching diving. With positive thinking, comes rewards.

In Mel’s case, the treasure was worth $400 million. While your mindset may not lead to such riches, it can lead to a very happy and fulfilled life.


When you read about someone like Mel Fisher, perhaps you think to yourself that he is extraordinary…that it is beyond the possibility for most people to think like this.

Anyone can develop a positive type of mindset. You have to want to create a dream life and not just let life happen to you.


The Power of Positive Thinking and How It Can Change Your Life for The Better

Thinking positive has many benefits. When you go from thinking negative thoughts, to ones of positivity, you change your inner chemistry.

Laughter truly is the best medicine if you are ill. In fact, one thing you can do to prevent illness, is to smile often and laugh as much as possible.

When you laugh and smile, you release those happy chemicals which help ward off disease. Much of the physical pain we feel, like sore backs or aching necks, comes from constantly thinking of negative issues.

The body reacts to your feelings and produces negative or positive feelings in the body. The choice is definitely yours.

In the Chinese art of acupuncture, they understand that stress and negativity will affect any area of your body that is physically weak. For example, if you have had a back issue before, negativity can aggravate that area.

You don’t have to be totally negative for these issues to occur. Simply being a person who worries about unnecessary things, can be the stepping stone to pain.

By taking control of your thinking, you not only reap the mental rewards but the physical as well.


Think for a moment about going for a run. If you are feeling depressed or less than positive, how long will it take before the run clears that out? Some people need a good 2-3 miles before they can start to feel the issues melt.

A better way to run, is take 10 minutes and do deep breathing. While doing this, talk to yourself about how each stride from the very start is going to release any negative energy. Clap your hands together and pump yourself up. The run from the very beginning will be far more productive.


In your work, thinking positively shows and your co-workers and supervisors take notice of this. Not many people want to promote a negative person to a higher position. They will only do so, if the other candidates, cannot do the job.

As well, co-workers will do anything to avoid being part of a team with a negative person who is going to badly impact the bottom line.

Have you ever worked with someone who talks in a negative voice constantly? Chances are you have and when you think back to that experience, you will likely remember how you did everything you could, not to be partnered with that person.


Do you want healthy loving relationships with family and friends? When you have a positive mindset, this radiates outwards.

Your family and friends will love spending time with you and do whatever they can to make themselves available.

Living in negativity means, people will hesitate to call or text because they feel wonderful and aren’t looking for anything or anyone to bring them down.

Your positive mindset can lift the mindset of those close to you, who for whatever reason, have difficulty doing it themselves. There is definitely some law of attraction principals involved when you illuminate your world with a positive mindset.


The idea of changing your perspective of how things appear at the moment, is one skill you need to learn. It is easy to sit back and say that something is bad or terrible, however is that really true? Reading books on positive thinking will assist you in changing your mindset. As well, you could read biographies or watch documentaries about people who have physical limitations beyond belief, yet they maintain a very positive mindset.


Think for a moment about having a disease that causes your bones to break constantly and you are confined to a wheelchair.

Do you believe that would totally limit your ability to be positive, to seek and grow as a human being? It doesn’t have to.

There are a number of people in the world with such an affliction. They chose not to be limited by it.

One person became a motivational speaker, while another became a highly regarded singer. Both although stunted in growth and in constant pain, use their minds to stay positive and continue to show others how life can truly be wonderful, no matter the circumstances.


The Benefits of Positive Thinking (Mind, Body). How Positive Thinking Builds Your Skills, Boosts Your Health, and Improves Your Work

Although we live in the computer age, many people still struggle with various areas of using software and apps. When something becomes slightly difficult, they reach out to friends or relatives and ask for help.

This leaves them feel inadequate and not willing to try and move beyond the difficulties.

Positive thinking helps build skills in all areas of your life, whether it is building a blog, public speaking or taking up a challenging sport.

When you have one success and think about how it is a positive in your life, you move forward and layer success upon success. That is how people attain the skills they need to thrive in life.


Whether you work from home or belong to a company, your work must be great. Going to work with a positive attitude will start the day off right.

You are willing to try new things and show that you have the type mental fortitude to “get it done, no matter what.” People love this type of attitude and want to be more engaged with it themselves.

Having a positive mindset at work, will cut down on the mistakes you would otherwise make.

Remember if you have stinky thinking, then you will not see the errors you make until it is too late. You won’t have the focus and clarity that is required to do a great job.


Having a positive mindset can help your health, even with the smallest of issues.

People who are positive thinkers have better immune systems.

When your immune system is strong, it is harder for the common cold or even the flu to take hold of your body. Your immune system can battle the virus and destroy it faster than a negative person.

University studies have shown that people with a positive mindset live longer due to their body being able to fight off disease and, in some cases, having the right system that some cancers cannot even grow in.

Studies have shown that our ancestors had a “fight or flight response,” built into their bodies. They saw a pack of wolves and the adrenaline kicked in, giving them energy to escape or find a good heavy rock to fight back with.

Over the last century, humans have found so much to worry about, that has nothing to do with life or death. This is called psychological stress and it is one of the main causes of a weak immune system.

We need to listen to the advice of those who came before us. There is an ancient saying that can be heard as, “A person who worries before it is necessary, worries more than necessary.” In other words, you can make yourself suffer greatly by allowing yourself to think about something that hasn’t happened and most likely won’t happen.


What Negative Thoughts Can Do to Your Brain

We talked about the “fight or flight response.” Everyone has it and it is stored in the brain. There is a section called the “amygdala.” All the negative thoughts that you allow yourself to absorb are stored there too.

They will stay there and impact your life until you override them with positive thoughts.

When a person has a habit of negative thinking, they might over react to minor stress situations. This is because the constant worrying and negativity actually changes this portion of the brain.

When you are constantly putting yourself into the “fight or flight mode,” your brain, in particular the thalamus, doesn’t have the ability to recognize this as a false. It has seen it so many times, that it automatically sends a signal that you may need to run and flee the danger.

In turn, your heartbeat rises as does your blood pressure. This constant up and down over long periods will weaken your overall body system. Chronic stress can shorten your lifespan and now is the time to change your habits to those of a positive mindset.


Constant worry has another effect on the brain. It turns the brain into a potential problem seeker.

Think of it as a radar, sending out signals, always looking for a negative situation. In turn, anxiety becomes normal as the brain is always functioning in this way.

People who allow the brain to be a negativity scanner, find it very difficult to relax. As well, it makes focusing on an important task difficult, since the brain is in the background looking for a problem, even if there isn’t one.

Another thing that will occur due to this negative scanning, is the brain will believe that there is not enough to go around.

There won’t be enough money, love, food and the list becomes endless.

It is at this point, that the brain starts to search for something to numb these beliefs, such as drugs or alcohol. Even cigarettes can be thrown into the mix, as the brain is becoming overwhelmed and looks for a distraction.

We need to give the brain positive things to work on, rather than negative. That’s why in the next few pages we will go through 21 habits and hacks that will take your Positive Thinking to higher gears.


21 Positive Thinking Habits and Hacks

Clarity first. Do the internal work, know who you are, what you want. Set clear goals and keep the mental focus on successful outcomes.


Do you really know what you want out of life or are you just taking it day by day? Sadly many people do the day by day thing, and you hear them saying things like, “off to work, off to the rat race.”


They see life as a vicious circle of work for peanuts, endless commutes and finishing off their day with perhaps a beer and lots of television to numb the negative thoughts in their heads.


This doesn’t have to be your life.


Take the time now, to be clear on what you want in your life.


This is a time when you do want to be alone. Your thoughts, your clarity on what you want to achieve in your days on earth are waiting to spring forth, however they need zero distractions to make themselves known to you.


That is why mediation and journaling work so well. You are alone, deep inside your mind without distractions. You will see things that you want to accomplish that you never really knew about. Write them down. Look at what they are and make sure they align with your beliefs about who you are now and who you will become.


Once you understand the person you are, or who you are committed to be, then you can write goals that will help you achieve your dreams.


As you write goals, eliminate any negative words, like “should, could or will try to.” Your mental focus will be only on successful outcomes, so use words like, “I will, I can.”


These words are powerful and positive. For example, “I will learn a new language. I can improve daily and become the CEO of my company.”


We talked about what negative thought can do to your brain. It’s time to discuss one of the internal works that can re-wire your brain to be positive.


When you start your commute to work, you may dread the day ahead. Once that sets in, your brain if conditioned negatively, will then move ahead and begin to work on other negative issues, such as “are the kids okay”, “no idea what to do for dinner”, or perhaps will there be another argument with the significant other, after dinner?


The practise of mindfulness can help. Mindfulness has been compared to meditation, without the breathing technique.


In mindfulness, you live in the moment and look at negative situations from a distance, rather than close up.


When you begin to feel a negative thought, put some distance between you and that thought. Don’t be critical about yourself, instead practise self-love and compassion.


This allows you to see the negative issue and not dwell on it so hard that it becomes all consuming. You sit back and look at it, acknowledge it and then think of a positive solution.


When you practise mindfulness every day, your brain begins to change and the negative thought patterns cannot get a firm grasp on you.


Mindfulness is calming and reduces stress and depression. With this, you can work on increasing the amount of positive thought that you put into your mind.



Use positive words to describe your life, when you react to challenges, in your everyday life.


We all have words that do not work for us. We use them in difficult situations and say them with vigor, as if that will make things better.


For example, “this is totally useless.” You might use that to describe your feelings when the computer is acting up. A word like useless is extremely negative and will impact your emotional health.


Many people are not readers, and if this you, it would serve you well to start small. Try to learn a new word every day. Learn words that serve you.


Let’s try an example. Go to your computer now and google the word, “amazing.” You will see a link to “synonyms”. Look at the all the amazing words you can use, starting today to create a joyful feeling.


Now as a side note, you will see words and think that perhaps they are negative. Try saying the word in a very positive tone and see how you feel.


If the word stated with joy, makes you feel great, this is a word you can leave in your personal vocabulary.


Remember tone of voice in a spoken word, changes its meaning. Think about all the hard feelings when some reads words in a text. They get upset, because they are not hearing the tone of voice, the person sending the text is using. Tone of voice is everything in communication.


Remember that everything is a learning experience. When motivational speakers talk to themselves, they find the positive in everything. When things go wrong, they ask themselves what they can learn from this. In the case of your computer acting up, say instead, “this is an incredible opportunity to become more computer proficient.”


The word, “problem,” is associated with a very negative situation. When someone says, “We have a problem,” the vast majority of people will feel an immediate surge of adrenaline, and the fight or flight response kicks in.


This happens all the time in the workplace and unfortunately quite frequently in relationships.


A more positive approach would be to use phrases like, “we have a small situation or I think we have a challenge ahead of us.” Situations and challenges are perceived to be less of a threat.


In most cases, people view the word challenge as something that could actually be fun and rewarding.


Try another word to replace “problem.” Use this instead, “we have an opportunity here.”


In business, having an opportunity to fix something can lead to greater financial rewards.


In a relationship, when an opportunity comes up, it can mean that something can be worked on with love and compassion, leading to a more meaningful relationship.


How many positive phrases can you think of right now, to describe a challenge in your life? Here is some help with this:


  1. This is terrific. I am going to learn something new.
  2. This is awesome. Challenges prove I am alive and ready to face the day.
  3. I feel great. I am going to conquer this challenge.
  4. What a way to feel alive and invigorated. Let me at this challenge.
  5. I am a warrior. There is no challenge that can defeat me.


Focus on the Present and Future; don’t let the past affect your mindset.

Your focus should always be on today and what you will accomplish in the future.

The past is gone and we cannot recapture it.

In the present you control the words and thoughts that you have and how you react to people.

In the past, you may have said things or had words spoken to you that were upsetting. Dwelling on those words and situations will cause you to become agitated or depressed.

Think just for a moment, how many times you replay conversations in your mind and come up with 100 or more new responses, some of them quite angry.


You need to become the director of your mind and when a scene is not going well or getting downright unpleasant, mentally or even out loud, say “Cut!” This will bring an immediate halt to what you see in your head and you can begin over with a new positive scene.


Some people are masters at creating sad or angry movies in their heads. They can bring up these movies and play them over and over at will. They are amateurs in regards to showing positive movies in their minds. Be a pro and direct your thoughts to be positive only.


The future can be created and you can make it absolutely positive. Learn to visualize what you want and focus on what you want, not what you don’t want in your life.


You need to erase any talk of “I don’t want,” from your vocabulary. The brain may hear this phrase and believe you mean “I want.” It cannot always pick up on words like don’t and so you get more of what you were hoping to avoid.


Your brain will have zero confusion if you term everything in a positive way. It will response positively to the words, “I will.” When you visualize, think of the things you will do or have, as if it has already occurred.


Surround yourself with positive people


There is enough negativity in the media, that you don’t need an extra helping from negative friends and family. Depending how close you are to those types of people, you have a choice of cutting them from your circle, or finding ways to influence their thinking and help them change.


Surrounding yourself with positive people is a way of absorbing positive energy into your body. You will feel more alive and want to do the things that will help you succeed.


Think back to a time when you were with a negative person and they told you everything wrong with their lives or the world. After you parted ways, did you go home feeling wonderful? It is more likely you went home and spent time replaying the conversation in your mind-then felt as if there was a weight on your shoulders. The truth if you tell it, is you didn’t feel great at all and it may have even ruined your entire day.


When you do not have a large social circle or family, it may be a bit of work finding positive people there.


That doesn’t mean give up and just deal with a negative crowd. It means doing some research and finding groups in your area that hold positive functions you can attend.


From there, you meet people who have similar interests as yours and their positive mindset fuels yours.


It is as simple as googling “Positive Meetup Groups in Your Area.” You will find groups of people who meet to discuss positive thinking, meditation and even spirituality.


While we are discussing surrounding yourself with positive people, that also means online. Someone who spends a lot of time on social media, should be culling their friends or groups on a frequent basis.


A prime example is Facebook. Look at the individual people and groups that are constantly negative. It doesn’t matter exactly what the issue is, just unfollow or even block those who are constantly finding the negative in everything, and love to share their misery.




Meditation calms the mind, which in turn releases happy chemicals to make you feel relaxed and happy. It is the perfect time to reflect and be grateful for all that you have in life. When you send out positive vibrations to the universe, it returns positive situations to you.


Meditation is not hard, although many people believe it requires some major effort. Everyone can meditate and it can be done anywhere.


You can do it for five minutes to clear your mind and start over again if you found yourself becoming agitated. Or you can spend 30-60 minutes in a quiet room, working on your breathing and thoughts to bring yourself peace and tranquility.


People who practise mediation daily, often have an area set up with plants, pictures or even books that give them a positive feeling the moment they enter the area. Imagine being stuck in an airport for 8 hours.


People who do not meditate, will probably become quite frustrated and angry. A person who meditates, will remain calm and understand that in the grand scheme of life, this moment is unimportant.


There are two types of meditation you can start practising today, mindful and concentration meditation.


You can do one or both, and you start the same way. Simply find a comfortable place to sit. You do not have to cross your legs or anything that you might find uncomfortable.


There is no reason to change your breathing pattern. Just do it normally and be aware of each breath and how it feels. Breathe in and out, relax and think about where in your body, the air goes, from head to toe.

Once you are relaxed, you can begin to meditate. Let’s briefly touch on these to get you started if you have never done this practise.


Mindful – Here you allow random thoughts to drift in and out of your mind. Be aware of all thoughts but don’t place any weight on them. Instead you want to discover the pattern of thoughts that come to you. You can group the thoughts and over time, understand which ones you need to change.


The biggest thing is not to become attached to a thought and allow it to impact how you feel. Instead you see the thought as if you are on a mountain looking down as the thought clouds drift by, looking at each one to see where it fits or doesn’t fit in your life.


Concentration – Here you focus on one thing. It could be a picture on your wall, a special type of light or candle that holds meaning for you. When random thoughts appear, you dismiss them and go straight back to one focal point.


Continue focusing on breathing in and out, while gazing at a flicking flame and feel your body and mind totally relax, letting go of any negative feelings.


Writing or Journaling about positive experience


While we are proud of the moments we had a positive experience, thinking about it only gives us part of the story. To build a positive mindset, you can write a letter to yourself or to someone you know would proud of your achievements. You do not have to deliver the letter, just write it and save it.


Here are some ideas for writing out positive experiences:


  1. Think about a positive change you made in your life. Write out exactly why you needed to make the change, what steps you took to make the change and what you learned about yourself along the way. By looking back at the steps you used to make the change, you can have a blueprint to follow in case you ever need to do it again.
    Look at what you learned about yourself. Did you learn that you have more courage than you ever thought before? Did you learn that you can have compassion not only for others but yourself as well?These are wonderful things to learn about the person you are and to layer positive attributes in your mind…to help you when you face challenges.


  1. Write about a lesson you learned in life and how you grew from it. Perhaps you stayed in a relationship too long and it was very painful. When you finally let go, it took a long time to recover.


Without feeling bad, just write what you learned. Did you learn that you need to repair or let go much quicker? Did you learn that there were things about yourself that weren’t right and you needed to fix them?

As example, perhaps you were not good at communicating how you felt and it impacted a relationship. To fix it, you took a course or got a life coach to help you with your communication skills and instead of holding everything in, you bring up what makes you happy or sad. Now your relationships are much better.


  1. Write about something you are really good at and how it helps you and others. Maybe you are really good at coaching people and helping them be the best that they can be.In turn, this gives you a great deal of pleasure every time you have an opportunity to coach. Write out where else you can use this skill and how grateful you are to have it.


Keeping a journal is a wonderful way to remember the positive moments in your life. They are likely to be more plentiful than the negative, however negative hurts and it will come to the front of your mind if you allow it.

Instead, write a journal entry daily about a positive experience you had today. Underline positive statements in a color pencil that gives you joy or take a moment to doodle images that make you laugh or trigger a positive emotion.


Go back and read your journal entry from the day before. Get those positive thoughts pulsing through your mind and then start today’s entry.

On days that you are frustrated or angry, it really helps to sit down and read through a week or even a month’s worth of positive writings.

You will see that you have a lot to be thankful for and that life, although it has ups and downs, is truly a wonderful thing.


When you are ready to start journaling, find one that has a very positive image or saying on the cover. As well, journals with headlines already posted are great. Look for journals with positive affirmations or quotes.

These can spark your creativity in doing a positive mindset journal.



Reframe your challenges


If you are not familiar with the term reframing, it means to see something in a different way or from another point of view.


When you look at a particular challenge and see it as you normally see it, as a major problem… then it will be difficult to overcome.


Instead see a challenge as an opportunity. You can grow from challenging yourself and we can look at a few examples to help you along.


Weight loss is a huge issue. Someone who is 50-100 lbs overweight will struggle with some physical tasks, their breathing and the negative comments of the people around them. This could derail any plans to lose weight and get into shape.


To reframe the challenge, they could see themselves as a piece of beautiful artwork in their mind. A sculptor starts with a lump of clay and then creates a beautiful statue. A master artist once commented that the statue was always in the block of marble he was carving, he just had to remove the excess pieces to reveal it.


Pain is something we all feel at one time or another. You can reframe pain to mean something else. A person with a very sore back, could dwell on it or reframe it to mean that it is nature’s way to remind them they are alive and still on earth to continue the road to success.


There are a large number of people who do not have limbs, yet they climb mountains. How do they do this? They reframe this painful challenge in their minds, so that when the pain occurs it means they are fully alive and about to conquer the world.



Keep a gratitude journal


Journaling has become very popular over the last few years. You can purchase journals from a bookstore or head online to find some amazing journals with covers that spark your ideas.


Many people believe in the idea of keeping multiple journals as a way of staying clear on one specific topic. Unlike the diary of the past, where you would write anything, gratitude journals are more in the present.


The average person doesn’t really see what they have to be grateful about. They have food and shelter and in most cases a job.


It’s actually in this same old pattern of get up, go to work and come home, that we get lost in what our blessing really are.


Writing down that you are thankful for the air that you breathe, the food you and the relationships you have, will help you to understand that all is alright with your world.


In writing a daily gratitude journal, you will find that you get a sense of calmness and your stress will start melting away.


As your journal builds, you will gain clarity about yourself and your purpose in life. The things that were time wasters, will be set aside as you discover what is important in your life and begin to focus more on those ideas.


Gratitude journals are great for everyone and if you have teenagers, get them involved so that they can see that life has to so much to offer, if you open your eyes and look.


Gratitude journals with pages that have inspiration quotes or images of beautiful beaches, fields of flowers or even your favorite animals are the best to purchase. These quotes or images will make you feel grateful the day and the days to come.



Get good at being rejected


Rejection is a part of life. Yet from the time we are small, we allow rejection to have a meaning in our life that doesn’t need to be there.


When we are rejected from a sports team, a group of people or the rejection of someone we believe is the person we are meant to be with-it actually means that it was not meant to be.


The rejection is an opportunity to look and find what you really need in life.


When you are rejected, it means that you are putting forth an effort. Picking up the phone and calling someone for a date, or an appointment to show them a product you have, means you put one foot in front of the other and moved.


The rejection means it was not for you, your opportunity is still out there and you have momentum to go get it. Not being rejected, means you are a block of rock, just sitting there and letting life pass you by.


The more you get rejected, the more you build character. You will become unstoppable in whatever you go after, if you remember not to take the rejection to heart.


As your faith in yourself becomes iron clad, you will succeed at whatever you do and show the world and those that rejected you…that their words and deeds were actually the best thing that could ever happen to you.


The world is full of major success stories and each one of those people will tell you they succeeded because they were rejected multiple times.


All your favorite writers, singers and yes even politicians have faced massive rejection and used it to fuel their desire to succeed even more.



Have solutions when pointing out problems


When you encounter a problem, always make sure to have a solution handy. Put your creativity at work – and congratulate yourself when you find a solution.


Make it like a game. Take very challenge as an opportunity to exercise your creative and resourceful mind.


In your work, if you point out a problem either with something you are doing or that the company is doing, the first thing people will ask is, “what is your solution?”


Having a solution beforehand, shows you are a positive thinker and can tackle challenges headfirst. This is the way that you rise up in a company or take your own personal business to the next level.


We can use writing a proposal or report as an example. If you find it a problem to get 1,000 words done in an orderly time, you could use the solution of “text to speech.” You can talk faster than you can type, so getting the words out, really isn’t a problem and you found a solution to a “situation.”



Make someone else smile


An absolutely fabulous way to have a positive mindset, is to constantly find ways to make a child or another person smile. When you see someone struggling, you can be the one to lend a hand.


It can be as simple as giving them a flower or encouraging words. When you make other people smile, the positive vibrations they send off, are reflected back to you.


Your body will absorb this positive vibration and in turn you will smile. Every time you smile, the muscles in your face, trigger a chemical in your body called endorphins. These chemicals race through your bloodstream making you feel happy and positive about your life.


Believe me, this feeling can become addictive and will push you to get out of your comfort zone just to make somebody else smile.





In moments of extreme stress, nothing can calm you faster, than deep breathing. Inhaling deeply, then holding your breathe for a count of three and exhaling all the air out of your lungs will help your heart to stop racing.


Going to bed and sleeping straight away is difficult for most people unless they have done something throughout the day, that has completely tired them out. Likely when you go to bed, you have some difficulty calming your mind, which tends to run on endlessly, unless you take control.


To head off to sleep and have a positive mindset, which is essential for positive dreams, you can do breathing exercises.


The first step is to think about and congratulate yourself on a win today.


Think about an event that was very positive for you. In the case that for some reason you cannot come up with one, imagine one as if it happened. You can trick your brain into believing that you had a major success. Once that is implanted, begin the breathing exercise.


Stretch out in your bed and shift until you are completely comfortable.


Close your eyes and breath in, hold that breathe for a 3 count and slowly let it out. As you do this 10-15 times, imagine the breath you bring in, working its way from the top of your head to your toes.


Breath in and each wave of breath, slowly works its way down through your body, calming each and every muscle…while soothing your nerves.


When you wake up, this is the ultimate time to do a set of power breathing.


Stand up slowly and stretch out the kinks in your body. When you are ready, stand with your left foot forward and out to the left to create a solid stance.


Bring your hands up to chest level and when you stretch them out in front of you, think of a very positive thought.


It could be something like, “I am awesome and I will have an incredible day.”


As you are thinking this draw your hands back to your chest bringing in a complete lung full of air.


Now push your hands out in front of you, your palms forward as if you are pushing against a barrier.


Exhale hard, releasing all the air. Repeat this 10 times. You will feel pulsing energy running through your body and the day will start off with a bang.



Never waste a minute thinking about people you don’t like


The principal behind not concerning yourself about people you do not like, is letting go of anger and hate. Think for a moment how many times, you have been angry with someone and thought about the reason why, what happened and how it made you feel.


The biggest part of this is, probably the number of times you replayed the situation in your head. Each time, you made your heart rate and blood pressure soar. You also took chunks of possible productive time out your day and you won’t be able to get them back.


Your time on earth sounds like it is long but as you grow older, you will see the days run faster and faster. Rejoice in every precious moment by letting go of anger.


There are number of ways of letting go and not thinking about someone who you will probably never get along with. You can write their name down on a piece of paper.


Look at the paper and say “goodbye and I forgive you.” Now take a colored pen, picking a shade that is pleasing to you. Cross out the person’s name.


Do it multiple times if that is what you need to finally release all that anger.


Do it until you can no longer read the name if need be, and think about how you forgave them for what they had done to you. You have now released them to someone else, they are no longer your problem.



Learn To Forgive


When you are unhappy with someone, it is not always necessary to remove them from your life completely. You have friends and family that sometimes will upset you.


To maintain a positive mindset, you cannot dwell on the issue. You can talk about it with them, and if it is not fully resolved, then still forgive them because you both tried.


Learning to forgive is essential for a positive mindset. Once you forgive someone fully, you will feel an energy in your body that may have been lacking.


Forgiveness opens you up to positivity and abundance. The universe cannot give back to you the things you desire, if you are blocked by hate and resentment. Those two negative feelings are destructive to you.


You need to forgive what is happening in the present time as well as the past. Forgiving the past transgressions of those who wronged you, is a healing that we all need.


We are all made of energy and the energy in your physical body can be blocked, making it extremely difficult for you to have the positive mindset you need to succeed.


Releasing those negative blocks can be done by mediating or by thinking of a past situation and seeing yourself walking up to the person and telling them “all is forgiven. I release this negative energy from my body now.”


A positive mindset will not develop immediately. You need to look at the areas of your life, like forgiveness and then do the work.



Learn To Forget


People tend to focus on the mistakes that they make. This can lead to a type of paralysis, where they do not want to try anymore, due to fear of failure. You have to learn how to make a mistake and then forget about it.


Instead of dwelling on a mistake, accept immediate responsibility for it. Then think about what is good about the mistake you made. What can you learn from it? Once you know the lesson learned, forget about the mistake.


The only way growth in your life can happen, is to do something and make mistakes, learn and adapt a better way of doing things.


Dwelling on issues, decreases your positivity. You are unable to have clarity and focus on your goals, due to thinking about a past mistake and worrying about it. Mistakes will happen, no matter what your occupation is.


Become a master of forgetting and forgiving.



Focus on the Good


You have learned about letting go of the past. This is your time to focus on the good in life.


A positive mindset, grows on good thoughts, the more the merrier. Your brain is just like any major muscle in your body. It needs to be trained in order to grow.


Take a look at your day and make a list of what you focused on that was bad. Did you spend hours watching the news? How about going to work and focusing on all the drivers who make mistakes, rather than the ones who are driving with care and caution?


Seriously, the number of people who see a good driver and think, “good job on that difficult turn,” is extremely small. Instead, most focus on the people who drive over the line and then they get upset about it.


Training your mind to look for the good and praising the good, will build positive neural networks in your brain. It will become stronger and look for ways to increase all the positive things in your life.


Start asking yourself the question, “what is good about this and how can I use this positive action?”


For example, when you have a disagreement with a significant spouse, ask yourself what is good about this? You may discover that your spouse is right about your spending habits and you can tell yourself it is good that you learned that budgeting yourself will increase the family saving account.


When you see someone close to you, doing something good, praise them for it. You will make them smile and in turn, you will raise your positive mindset. Always look for the good in others and yourself and focus on that, instead of the negative.



Turn any Negative Event Into a Positive Opportunity. Use creativity techniques and Eduard Debono ‘Lateral Thinking’


Negative events are outside your body. They are situations where things happen or are said that impact you…if you allow them to.


The truth is you are responsible for all events, negative or positive. When a negative event happens, most times, you have a hand in them. You either engaged in some negative talk with someone or you stayed in the same space as that person, rather than immediately walking away from it.


The event only has the meaning that you give it. When someone loses their temper and swears, their words can be taken as truth or rejected as false.


The anger of another person is your chance to tell yourself that you can learn from this event. What can you learn? Well, you can learn that anger is an emotion that you don’t have to engage in and when you do, you tend to look foolish. Think back to a time when someone got very angry at you.


How did they look? Did their eyes bulge out, perhaps they sprayed their words more than actually saying them? When you really look at a person’s angry response, then you realize this is a positive thing as it reinforces how you actually want to act.


The world, sadly has a lot of angry people in it. In your workplace, you may have a co-worker or supervisor who is always agitated.


You could allow this to affect you or take responsibility and learn how to feel positive feelings every time someone gets angry at you.


This is an opportunity to learn something new and grow. There is a technique you can use called “anchoring.” In this technique, think of something you have done in your life that gives you great pleasure.


Maybe you hit a grand slam once while playing baseball, while the bases were loaded and that won the game for your team. Think of that and feel all the emotions that go with it, the sights and the sounds. As you think about this over and over, press your index finger to your thumb and breathe deeply through your nose.


When you practise this technique multiple times, you can simply feel that pleasurable feeling by pressing your index and thumb.


This is very helpful, as the moment someone starts to get angry with you. Trigger your positive thoughts and emotions – this will deflect the anger away from you like a shield.


Dr. Eduard Debono has worked with the major companies of the world, teaching them how to think in a lateral direction instead of straight ahead.


His process is broken down into 7 parts which are very useful to learn and in doing so, will help with a positive mindset.


  1. You have alternatives. Instead of doing things the same old way, come up with some concepts that give you new ideas on how to get things done.


  1. We talked about focus and clarity. The key here is use your focus and hone it so that your creative skills improve.


  1. Everyone loves a challenge. We thrive on them. Instead of doing things the same old way, break free and challenge yourself to find a new method of problem solving for example.


  1. This can be a challenge for you. Try using random input, to put a new spin on things. Think about things that in the box might not seem related but outside the box thinking puts them in the same category.
  2. Abandon provocative statements about an issue, instead use movement to come up with new ideas.


  1. When farmers harvest crops, they eventually weed out the bad. Harvest the best ideas and make them your ultimate solutions.


  1. With treatment of ideas, you take an idea and add weight to it, building it up to be the solution you need. It is like muscle building for ideas that bring you a solution.


Negativity can be conquered if you use the right weapons in your toolbox.



Become interested in others


Being a listener moves your relationships forward. Everyone appreciates someone who is caring enough to listen and offer solutions to perplexing issues.


Your mindset will become stronger if you decide to coach someone else. It could be coaching sports for the little ones or mentoring a high school student.


Mentors have a positive mindset that only gets stronger by giving back and seeing the success of others.


When you are interested in others, you can use their name frequently. This builds a positive bond between you. The more you appreciate people, they in turn appreciate you and the positive flow of words back and forth will do wonders for your mindset.


The law of attraction is everywhere. In order to get what you want, a positive mindset, then you need to give people want they want, which is your positive outlook on life and how it can help them make their lives better.


Get good at being interested in others and you will reap the benefits.


Daily Walking and Positive Self Talk


Many people love to run, however walking is much better for you. It allows you to easily develop a soothing rhythm, lowering stress levels. When you walk, concentrate on your breathing and swinging your arms to get blood flowing.


If it is possible to find a grass, soil or sand area, free of debris, walking barefoot has many benefits. This is called, “earthing,” and it is reconnecting with the energy from the earth.


The first thing that happens is the skin on the bottom of your feet begins to stretch. Your skin is an organ and confining it to shoes, means it is not being massaged and activated.


There have been a number of scientific studies done on walking bare foot and a huge benefit is how the blood flows smoother. Wearing shoes doesn’t not lead to good blood circulation.


While walking and de-stressing, it is a perfect time to work on self-talk.


We sometimes talk to ourselves in a way we would never allow others to talk to us. Talking down to yourself, produces massive negativity.


A great book that should be read by everyone is called, “What to say, when you talk to yourself.” It’s written by psychologist, Dr. Shad Helmstetter.


In this ground breaking book, Dr. Helmstetter shows you how to take responsibility for the chatter that goes on in your head, and replace it with positive self-talk, to improve your mindset.


He gives examples of key phrases that should be in everyone’s personal vocabulary, such as, “I choose my thoughts and I’m discovering new talents all the time.”


These phrases that Dr. Helmstetter teaches you to use daily are key to a positive mindset. Let’s breakdown the first one.


“I choose my thoughts.”


Ask yourself why you would allow anyone but you, to choose your thoughts. It is your brain, which only you can use to create a successful life.


In that regard, you know you must choose thoughts that serve you. By choosing to talk to yourself in positive terms, you are the director of your life and the movie about you will be an Oscar winner.



Work on your posture; Take control of your physiology


Get control over your posture. Take a moment now, to think about how you walk or how you sit. Are your shoulders slumped or is your back crooked as you sit on the couch?


Sitting slouched or walking without an erect posture, puts pressure on your ribcage. This means you cannot draw full breaths. You need to stand or sit, tall and erect with your shoulders back and your ribcage open, so that your lungs can operate at full capacity.


Your physiology controls your mental outlook.


If you are walking slumped, you may feel depressed. The same thing happens when you are sitting in a chair and slumping. Your motivation decreases as your body is not able to operate properly.


When you take control of your body movements, then you take control of your mindset. Let’s think for a moment about different ideas to change your physiology and your mindset in a snap.


Feeling slightly depressed? Stand up straight, breath deep and clap your hands together. Clapping hands sends a signal to your brain, that things are awesome.


When you clap your hands and your standing erect with your ribcage open for maximum air, you will feel a positive charge racing through your body.


Another great thing to do with your body, when you are feeling sad and un-motivated, is to skip. We are not talking about skipping rope, although it works well too. In this case, find a spot and skip down the path, just like you did when you were a child.


Swing your arms as you go and if you want to, add a phrase like, “bam, I feel great!” This can be done indoors as well, if you have the space and are not going to cause a major disturbance to a neighbor.


Any type of swinging motion, like skipping, swinging your arms around in a circular motion or raising your knees up to waist level while slapping the knee as it comes up… will change your emotions quickly.


Take charge of your physiology, right now and change your mindset to one of extreme positivity.



Find A Mentor to help You Cultivate a Positive Mindset


Finding a mentor or coach is extremely popular because you are working with someone who has already had the success you desire.


They have also acquired a set of tools and methods that will help you accelerate your transformation into a positive mind. They know the building blocks that have to put in place one by one and can show you how it’s done.


Unlike the high school coach who might make you do extra laps, a personal success coach is there to use their wisdom to teach you what you already have inside.


Mentors can be a personal success coach that you take a course from or that you have available to speak to via phone/chat.


The best mentor is one that you already know and admire. You have seen their ability to be positive no matter what life throws at them.


Their whole outlook on life and how they handle themselves has been on display and there won’t be any surprises.


An example of a bad mentor would be someone you know in your town that is very successful at business, yet when you meet them in person you find they are extremely negative and treat people poorly.


Success doesn’t always mean a person has a positive mindset, so you need to dig deep and find the right mentor.


Bonus: Positive Thinking Apps


There are some wonderful apps available to help you in your quest to build a positive mindset. Let’s go over a few of them now.





This is an app that is revolutionary in that it gives you a portable life coach. When you write into Realifex how you feel on a particular day, it is able to analyze the data you provide. You may not be able to figure out why you are feeling down, yet Realifex may be able to track down what has been giving you stress. It works by using hashtags which are indicators and then by sorting things into what your actions and emotions have been towards certain things. From that it can produce what the issue and solutions.


Check it out here: http://www.realifex.com/






This is an interesting app…that uses a combination of games and activities that you can practise with. Want to intensify your happiness right now? Just try the writing activities and the quizzes that they provide. You are able to track your results and their surveys have shown that people that use the app frequently notice differences in their attitudes quickly. Remember though, you cannot use it a couple of days and then forget about it for a month. You need to get involved and stay with it. They have some forums where you should get some serious benefits when you visit.


Check it out here: https://www.happify.com/


Thought Diary


When you examine your thoughts with focus, you can see where the changes are that need to be made.


The Thought Diary works by tracking the thoughts you enter and then alerts you to the changes you need to make.


You can quickly alter a negative thought pattern once discovered and come up with a new positive pattern to replace it.


Check it out here:





Subliminal MP3


When you have deep-rooted issues, it can take some time and think on how to clear them out of your headspace.


Using a subliminal MP3, may speed this process up, when used consistently. Subliminal messaging takes positive statements and delivers them to your subconscious mind.


As the messages are hidden in music, the conscious mind is unable to hear and disagree with the new thought pattern.


This is extremely helpful if you find that saying a positive statement to yourself, you find your mind tends to reply that it is not true, at least not for you.



Here are some subliminal positive thinking MP3’s that you can explore:








Bonus: Recommended Reading


Although you may love to read a few thrillers or romance books per week, do they really serve you? Instead, go for reading about positive mindset to improve the quality of your life.


There are a number of amazing books available that will inspire and motivate you. Remember that you are what you think about the most. If your mind is obsessed with fantasy movies and books, are you living in the real world or part of world you wished existed? Create your world by absorbing the positive teachings of others. Here is a list of books/eBooks you can start with today.


  1. Up Thoughts for Down Times by Les Brown


  1. Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins


  1. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale


  1. Change Your Thinking Will Change Your Life by Brian Tracy


  1. The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins


  1. The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield


  1. Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl


  1. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen (This is an old book but an excellent resource for how you think)


  1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson PH.


  1. Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz








How often do you work on your mind? If you answered not very often but I am going to change that today…then you have read this eBook and understood the importance of conditioning your mind.


Conditioning your mind is not a once a month or whenever you feel like it procedure. Do it daily, every day and build a strong confident mindset.


When you surround yourself with positive people, books and audio, it is impossible not to create that positive mindset you desire.


Build a network of positive friends, co-workers and of course family.


Make a weekly purchase of a book or audio to build a collection that you can return to again and again.


Having a book on positivity and only reading it once…will help some. But to get the most benefit out it, read it multiple times taking care to understand what might not have been clear at first.


Write notes that you can refer back to. It is amazing when you pick up a book that you wrote ten years ago and see how much you have grown.


This eBook has given you the information you need to build a positive mindset right now. Take massive action and reap the rewards.





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