25 Positive Thinking Hacks


25 Simple and Quick Positive Thinking Hacks

Finding a way to accelerate your positive thinking won’t be difficult when you use these hacks.

Hacks are special tricks, awesome shortcuts or quick learning skills that cut down on the time needed to get what you desire.

Here are 25 hacks that you can start looking at today.

Read them over and pick at least 3-5 to start right now and then step back and assess your progress.

  1. Ask yourself the right questions.

    Frequently people ask themselves the wrong questions, such as, “why is this happening to me?”

When things go wrong and they will as long as you are breathing, you need to frame your questions in a positive light.

Use this instead of why me? “Wow-that was interesting. There must be a way to turn this to my advantage. Let me find out how?”

Instead of asking one question when things seem bleak, ask yourself a multiple number of questions framed in a positive way.

When you do that, you end up burying the negative question, under a mountain of positive questions. That negative question then loses its power over you.

  1. Eliminate all news coverage.

    It is not necessary to read the newspaper, watch television news or check an online feed.

When there is something earth-shattering that will affect you, someone will always reach out and tell you.

Turn your attention to reading positive books, and magazines like “Success, Hopeful or Mindful.”

Fill your mind with positive reading and this will in turn, dissolve the garbage thoughts that have accumulated in your head.

Sometimes we need a helping hand and learning to be positive and become the best in life, is one area people struggle with.

There are programs available that can assist you in becoming positive, setting goals and getting the juice out of life. You can check out the program below as an example of what is available.


  1. When negative thoughts come into your mind…

    and you find yourself upset or getting depressed, stop for a moment and go have a nice healthy beverage.

    In this case, we are talking perhaps a green smoothie or ginseng tea with honey.

As you sip your beverage, take some deep breaths and think to yourself, “calm, calm, I am feeling calm.”

When your blood pressure is lowered and you do not want to kick the garbage can with force, think about what you really want to happen for the rest of the day.

Make a mental plan for what will happen and how you will stay positive until it is sleep time.

  1. You must end each day on a positive note.

    This means solving family issues early.

    Speak to those affected in a calm loving voice and work out what is best for everyone.

    Going to sleep while upset, will cause your heartbeat and blood pressure to be up.

    It will be very difficult to sleep and you will replay angry conversations over and over in your head.

    Be positive…you just worked out a situation, everyone is happy and now you can do affirmations before bed.

    Affirmations are so important but you need to have a clear head so that you do not start and then stop to get angry about what happened earlier in the day.

  2. Is your work and home life positive?

    If it is not, what are you going to do today, to change that?

    You must ensure that not only are you surrounded by positive people but your sanctuary, known as your home, is a place of calmness and positive energy.

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The house should be filled with positive images, material things that make you and your significant other smile.

When your house is positive energy, it makes it easier to have a positive relationship.

In regards to your work, how will you deal with negative co-workers and perhaps even supervisors?

Can you work remotely from home and only go into the office when absolutely necessary? What about searching for a more positive atmosphere and switching companies.

The list of things you can do are endless, you just need to hack a way of doing it.

  1. Start your morning optimistic and grateful.

    Move on to exercise and with good food.

    You’ve heard the old saying, “look who woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”

    When you are a negative person, people can see that and assume you crawled out of bed with a scowl on your face.

    You need to wake up fully optimistic that today is indeed your day and do that every day.

    Once your feet hit the floor, be grateful you woke up again and were given a chance to shine.

    As you come awake, think of everything you have to be grateful for as you fill your lungs with air.

    Set up the rest of your day, with a 20-minute bout of high energy exercise to get the blood flowing.

    Remember when you sleep, your heart isn’t pumping the way it does when you are awake and moving with a passion.

    Get great food into your body…fruit is your number one choice for breakfast as is, a glass of warm water to start flushing your system.

During this report, you will note that breathing is mentioned frequently.

The single most important thing in your life is breathing. If you are not breathing, you are dead.

If you are breathing incorrectly or your posture is poor, so that airflow is cut off, then you will suffer from a range of issues.

Power breathing can take you to new places in your life and if done correctly it’s like a happy drug with no bad side effects.

To learn just how important breathing is, watch this Ted Talk and enjoy some new insights.


  1. When a wall of negativity hits you….

    either internally or from someone trying to start an argument, step back, take a breath, assess the situation.

    Remember when a negative person starts to attack, you don’t have to respond immediately.Take a moment to have a deep breath and think about how you need to respond?

    Ask yourself a couple of questions, like “what is their motive or are they on the attack because of something in their life and not something I did?”

    When you access the situation first, you can have a positive response that will likely lead to a quick resolution.

  2. Put your focus 100% on solutions.

    To be a positive thinker, don’t give attention to problems and ask “how can this get worse?”

    Instead say to yourself, “I have a bit of an issue here and I will solve it quickly.”

    Start with a note pad and write out 5-10 solutions.

    Study them carefully and then pick the best solution for the issue you face.

    When you practice doing this, your brain becomes wired to dismiss issues and move directly to solutions.

  3. Studies show self-compassion is low.

    People tend to be able to find more compassion for others and in some cases, people they don’t even know.

    While compassion for others is great, you must love yourself first and be compassionate when you really need it.

    One sub-hack is to imagine you are talking to yourself back when you were 5 years old.

    Would you yell at yourself or issues threats?

    Understand how that affects a 5-year-old and then realize you need to treat yourself as you would like to be treated if a time machine really existed… and you were a youngster all over again.

    Mindfulness and meditation are two things you can learn to calm yourself, learn self-love and create a positive mindset.

    Here is a program you can use to assist yourself in learning how to do this quickly.


  1. Dig deep and see the opportunities in things when they go wrong.

    It may be a tough pill to swallow if your marriage breaks up, however, there are always reasons why such things happen.

    You have to acknowledge the pain, then let it go and tell yourself that it wasn’t to be.

    You will have come away with many ideas as to what went wrong and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    If you realize that the breakup was mainly your issues, be compassionate with yourself and know that you can make the necessary changes in your life.

    When the significant other shows a side you didn’t know existed, take the time to think about any signals you may have missed.

    When you are really to move forward, you can do so with confidence that you are able to read people much better.

    You can find a significant other that is a true match for you and make that person your forever.

  2. When you aren’t thinking positively, find an exercise that requires focus and concentration.

    It can be called a pattern interrupt when you are being negative and force yourself into laughter by saying or doing something out of character.

    You can also go and play squash, pool or even darts.

    An exercise that requires focus, such as hitting a tiny red dot with a pointed object… also known as darts, forces your mind to drop negativity and focus on hitting that goal.

    Play multiple games starting with a warm-up to get in the groove and then concentrate on improving your score for the rest of the day.

  3. Be as physically active as you can.

    Many people will do ½ hour on a treadmill and then congratulate themselves on the exercise they just did.

    You need more than just a cardio routine and must look to do some stretching exercises and resistance training for example.

    A supple strong body will do wonders for your positive mindset.

    You see a video of someone bending at the waist and holding onto their toes while thinking that is amazing, yet are you setting yourself up for that kind of flexibility?

    When you are flexible and do resistance training with weights or bands, it will give you a real boost in the positivity section of your brain.

    Remember your brain will run smoother if you are highly active, rather than doing a bit of exercise here and there.

    Don’t wait for others to suggest exercising together, be a leader getting your body going.

The ultimate exercise is bodyweight, something we have done since the dawn of time.

Sadly we got away from it as life became challenging.

Using your own weight as resistance is extremely natural and there many variations of bodyweight exercise, from the simple squat to those folks who are able to pull themselves up a rope while they are actually upside down.

That is extreme bodyweight but showcases the power within a human being.

Check out the video below if you have never seen someone climb a rope upside down.

This is a young girl and just imagine the confidence and power of positive thinking she must have at such a young age.


Bodyweight exercises, combined with breathing exercises can be done by anyone.

If you have some physical limitations, you just alter the exercise to what you can do.

Do you want to be a positive thinker? Of course, you do. Start doing some form of bodyweight exercise today and while doing them, say some affirmations out loud.

You can do bodyweight exercises in any room in your house, the yard or even your hotel room if you are travelling.

The benefits of bodyweight exercise are enormous. Being overweight even by 20-25 pounds, can cause some health problems and make having a positive mindset difficult.

Bodyweight exercise is number one for weight loss, flexibility and raw natural power.

Here is a great course on basic bodyweight exercises. Check it out and see what you may have been missing in your physical activity.


  1. Melt your worries, from your mind.

    When you ask yourself if your worries ever come true and how many are blown out of proportion-you will discover how good you have become at overstating things.

    This is a habit you need to remove from your life.

    Think about how many times, you went into work, knowing that you made a small mistake and you worried it into you, “getting fired straight away.”

    As you sat at your desk, every phone call or footstep, seemed much louder than normal.

    If and when your supervisor addressed the issue, it wasn’t down in HR, where those pink slips are handed out.

    As you remember the many times, you worried before it was necessary, it will become apparent to you, that it did absolutely no good to get so worked up.

  2. Get outside as much as you can.

    The outdoors will refresh your mind and make you feel alive.

    When it is raining, don’t let that stop you. Grab an umbrella, take a stroll and look at the patterns the rain makes as it bounces off the roadway or how it affects the trees.

    Get lots of air into your lungs and smell the earthy scent of rain soaking into the ground.

    On the sunny days, get barefoot if possible and walk on the grass, earth or beach sand.

    This connects you to the energy of the earth and massages the muscles of your feet, which have been constricted with socks and shoes.

  3. Give yourself time to develop positivity.

    One day is not enough and many people will try something for one day, say it doesn’t work and then give up.

    Everyone is different. You may be able to see a significant change in mindset within 10-15 days, while someone else may take 30 or more.

    Be consistent and work on your positivity every day.

    Don’t take a day off to rest your mind from, “all that positivity.”

    Learning to walk took you time but you didn’t give up as a child, you just kept on trying until you were up and mobile.

    Turning yourself into a positive person is no different. There is no quit.

  4. Develop the mantra of “never give up.”

    We spoke of that in the hack above.

    Never give up, applies to everything in your life, not just developing a positive mindset.

    Never give up on making a dream come true, getting physically fit and getting down to your ideal weight.

    One thing you should do today is to check out a now-famous image that shows a heron trying to swallow a frog.

    The heron is unable to do so, because the frog has his hands around the heron’s neck and is choking it, making swallowing impossible.

    In this case, be the frog.

    Never give up working on building a positive mindset.

    Many people have this poster on the wall or have it as their office coffee cup. It is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face when they see this image.


  1. Create your personal affirmations-that are specific to your mindset.

    You are the only one who knows the true you.

    When you think about how you reference situations in your life, do you think you will always find a way to get it done?

    If you have some doubts, then you need to create a personal affirmation that when it becomes embedded in your mind, the negative cannot get in.

    Need some inspiration for affirmations? Louise Hay was a pioneer in the affirmation books she created.

    Her story is truly amazing and her books proved to be so popular, she started her own business called Hay House.

    You would do well to either purchase or grab from the library, “You Can Heal Your Life.”

    It is full of wisdom and in the book, Louise explains why you should a mirror to see yourself in a positive light and how affirmations can heal you.

    This book is one that should be in every household and a cornerstone of your personal library.

  2. Go back to the ’70s, before computers and cell phones.

    Think about how people communicated back then.

    Did you know that handwriting a thank you note, even for simple things was normal?

    Work on your gratitude by buying thank you cards.

    When someone does you a kindness, write them a heartfelt note and thank them.

    You can do this for the coffee server who made your day with a big smile or the dental assistant who made sure you were really taken care of during a difficult visit.

    Amazon has a wide range of thank you notes.

    The link below showcases one that you can use for any occasion you have to thank someone for their kindness to you.


  1. When you start feeling really negative or even depressed, take one physical step backwards and say, “Stop.”

    This works even better if you can throw up a mental image of a stop sign in your mind.

    You want to stop those negative emotions dead in their tracks.

    Then say, “Erase.” See a mental picture of an eraser wiping a chalkboard clean.

    Once that is done, take a deep breath of air and expel.

    Quickly make a quality action plan for rest of the day.

    Write it out on a sticky note or whatever you have handy. This is your new road map for the day and you are not allowed to change directions.

  2. Use only positive labels for yourself.

    Do not drop something and then tell yourself that you are clumsy.

    Start re-labelling who you are.

    For instance, tell yourself frequently, “I am a go-getter,
    I am a creative person,
    I am the type of person who is in charge of my mindset,
    I am someone, that everyone loves to be around.”

    Make as many positive labels for yourself that you can.

  3. Feeling a little blue?

    Take 30 minutes. Spend that time with a child, pet or significant other.

    Tell them why you are grateful for them.

    Children love to hear praise and anything to do with being loved.

    The same goes for significant others.

    Pets respond to our emotions.

    If you are angry, they likely want to avoid you.

    Give them love and you will feel loving and grateful to have a faithful companion in your life that is happy you are you.

  4. In order not to stress, re-evaluate your to-do list daily.

    Do it as asap in the morning and pick the items you know without a doubt you can accomplish today.

    Move the left-overs to the next day.

    Rinse and repeat. The reasoning behind this is simple.

    If your to-do is overwhelming, it will cause stress and negativity.

    Every day is different.

    Perhaps today, you know you can only do 3 major things, so you move the other 4 to the next day.

    When you awaken the next day, it may be a clearer day on your schedule and you feel positive about doing 6 important tasks.

    Never overwhelm yourself and be flexible.

  5. Take the opportunity to be a 12-year-old again.

    Heading for breakfast?

    Dance in the kitchen while the blender is making that smoothie.

    Hitting the store for some fresh fruit to add to lunch?

    There are hundreds of happy songs, go ahead and sing one or at least hum it and make yourself smile and everyone within five feet of you.

    It’s imperative that you never lose the child or teen in you. Find every chance you have to be a bit of goofball during the day and enjoy life to the fullest.

  6. It’s okay to have an off day, it will happen to everyone.

    Don’t dwell on it.

    Instead, try picking a comfort food from your childhood and indulge in it, just don’t overeat, because you are going to bed early.

    Yes, it is okay, to have some real mac and cheese…maybe even toss in some diced hot dogs.

    Feeling better?

    Hit the bed at least an hour earlier than normal.

    Do some breathing to make sure you are calm, then perhaps some mediation before hitting that pillow.

    Lull yourself to sleep with a positive affirmation like, “tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life.”

  7. How many times do you, or others complain about the weather?

    Does it help?

    Does the weather change from rain to sunny skies because you are upset?

    Well if it does, trust that it did that all on its own.

    To stay positive, appreciate the weather you have on any particular day.

    There is something wonderful in the sun, rain and even snow.

    Most people will always pick sun but don’t forget rain has incredible patterns as it hits the ground and then releases an earthy odour that is pleasing.

    Even snow has patterns. You are alive and well.

    Appreciate each piece of weather for what it is and remember if you do invent a remote control for the weather, you will be rich.

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