10 Simple Habits To Grow A Positive Attitude

10 habits for a Positive Mindset

Use These 10 Easy Habits To Grow Your Positive Attitude

The good thing about your attitude is you can grow it year-round and forever. Here are 10 simple habits to adopt today and remember there are more for you to discover as you grow.

1. Be true to yourself and your values.

There are times when you will have to stand alone while others totally disagree with you.

When you compromise on your beliefs, just to get along with others, you do a dis-serve to yourself. Maintain a neutral way of explaining why you do what you do, instead of becoming angry that others are not understanding what your values are.

2. Start laughing at the problems life throws your way.

Life isn’t going to stop and you shouldnít let it break you. In fact, if you laugh when adversity strikes, it will strike less because you are no longer a magnet for it.

3. Other people’s negativity needs to bounce off you, instead of being absorbed.

Put up a shield of positivity and reject the words and scornful looks of others. Smile.

4. Be like the energizer bunny you see in the commercial.

Let people see how it feels to be positive and full of energy and soon others will want to be like you because they see the energy and joy you radiate.

5. When a person does something right, try to be the first to congratulate them on a job well done.

They will smile and look forward to your presence in their lives.

You can do this with anyone. If you are on the bus, why not tell the bus driver they did a wonderful job working their way through that heavy traffic.

6. Never, ever give up on anything when life tries to kick you in the teeth.

Always get right back up when you have been knocked down and understand it will happen.

It is how you respond in life to a crisis, that determines your mindset.

If you heave a big sigh and think life is so unfair, then the universe will respond and give you more of the same.

You attract what you put out and if you show the universe you are not a quitter, you will face far fewer issues.

7. Some people are ìmaterial people.î Make sure you are not one. Put material things to the side and focus on relationships.

Happy, loving and positive relationships will do so much more for your positive mindset, than a new expensive watch.

8. Develop an attitude of gratitude.

Be thankful for the life you have, because you only have one and although we would all like to live past 100 years like a few animals do, our timeline is usually much shorter.

Make your time wonderful and be grateful for even the smallest of things.

9. Do you have integrity? Are you honest and faithful instead of being dishonest with a lack of regard for others?

If you see a lack of integrity in yourself, then write down what it is and how you fix it immediately. Integrity will make you feel very positive about who you are and your role in the world.

10. Be a the glass is half full instead of half empty, type of person. Optimism about how life is will be a boon to your mindset.

You have to be optimistic that you will succeed, rather than thinking, that you will likely fail.

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